Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Buckets of Water

On our Cadet ship we had so many drills during the week, but now let me tell you about the fire drill. When someone new arrived, Gordon used to make fun of him.                         
Gordon: "How many buckets can you fetch to the fire zone?"
Bob Jr.: "Two, one in each hand"
Gordon:"I can carry Three" 
Bob Jr.:"How can you carry three?"
Gordon: "One in each hand and the third on my Dong!!!"
Bob Jr.:"Okay, Then I will carry three buckets full of water too"
Gordon:"Well, well, so now I will carry five!!!"
Bob Jr.:"Five? how come?"
Gordon:"Two in my hands and you on my Dong"
Listen to my Favorite Naval Song!!! God Bless the Sailors all over the Huge Oceans


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