Sunday, February 13, 2011

Advance Dirty Riddles

The Swiss Admiral Joke

Q.What's the difference between a Sucking Machine(Vacuum pump) and a Swiss Admiral?

A.The Sucking Machine sucks and sucks, and never FAIL
     And a Swiss Admiral fucks and fucks and never SAIL. 


Screwing vs Riveting Joke

Q. The CEO asked his secretary whats the difference between screwing and riveting?
A. She:"I have never been riveted before"

Q. Why the Grooves (cunt) were designed along and not across? 
     For these they are at least two answers:
A1- If grooves were designed across, you would hear them clapping while steps climbing!!!
Her Pussy is clapping 

A2 -The super intelligent "If the groove was built across, straddling legs shall close the groove"

Q. Does size matters?
A. Yes a nice five digits salary with a five inch Willy , is much better then a ten inch Dong with only ten bucks per hour.

Q. From Sex and the city "what is the optimal size women really need?
A. Three and one third inch long but the width must be two sixth inch.
Q. Are you kidding? how do you know?
A. Women really need an honorable Credit Card. That's better than six inch long (Bank notes).

Q. Who enjoy sex more, the male or female? proof your answer!!!
A. My Theorem "Women enjoy sex more than men" - proof  "Scratch your ear with your little  finger, now who had more fun the ear or your finger"?
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