Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Donna Juanita

     Don Juan was very famous in our town, as a libertine who takes great pleasure in seducing women, they fell in love, but none of them hooked him. Don made love with many women, he acted like a rooster, handling his chickens. he try his luck with most of the women in town, young old, pretty, nice he really don't care.
    One day he had met a charming girl named Donna Juanita. And he tried very hard to get a lay. Donna Juanita played her game, and she didn't allow him even to get close enough, she allowed him, just kissing her hand. After a courtship period of two years, Don get mad, and decided to marry with Donna. After the wedding ceremony was over finally Don took Dona to the bed room.
    Don undressed revealing his private parts, Donna looked so shy, and Don started to explain her, the facts of life, and what will happen next. Don showed her his penis and told her "this is my Dong which will meet your groove". Donna cried "That's not a Dong, that's a penis". Don Juan tried again to explain her he has a Dong. Donna continued crying  "your penis is good for pee, I needs a real Dong, not a penis like that"!!! ..............To be continued.....