Monday, February 14, 2011

Three Women Jokes

No 1   Alice, Betty and Carol, three young women were sitting, at the neighborhood coffee shop having their weekly meeting. Then Alice starts telling them "Alex my husband, stop having sex with me". I asked him "what's up?" but Alex told me "I am in stress now, leave me alone". So the other night, I caught Alex masturbating while watching porn movies. Betty asked her "how did you respond?" Alice told them she will shop some sexy Lingerie, maybe that will be the trigger.
   Betty then told her friends, she had found a pack of condoms at her husband Brad's suit. Betty continued telling them "It's funny because I am taking pills, and we never used condoms". "So how did you respond?" wondered Alice. "I pierced each of them with a needle" replied Betty. By hearing this Carol fainted. 

No 2   Alice, Betty and Diana, three young women were chatting in the Park watching their babies. Then Alice suddenly told them "this morning I find out Alex's balls are cold". The day after, as the three friends met, Betty told them "You know I touched Brad's balls and found them cold too". By the next day Diana didn't show at the Park. The next day Alice and Betty came over to Diana's place she looks terrible her face was covered in bruises and her arm was in a cast. "What happened to you?" asked Betty. Diana choked for a while and then started crying and told her friends "Yesterday morning I touched Don's balls, and they were warm" so I told Don "Why are your balls warm? Brad and Alex balls are cold". "Oh then the hell's gate opened and Don gave me shit" Diana said.

No 3  Once on a rainy day, Alice, Betty and Diana were chatting about housekeeping. Alice complained "whenever I made laundry, it's raining and I can't dry the laundry outside" Diana agreed "me too". Alice continued "Betty you must be lucky, whenever you dry your stuff, it's a nice day, are you a witch?" Betty replied "When I get up in the morning I hold Brad's Dick and let him take his position, if it falls to the right, I know it will be rainy today, if to the left I get up doing the laundry". "But what if Brad's Dick, is centered?" asked Diana. "So who needs the laundry?" replied Betty.