Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dicky Sex Life

I collected some great cartoons. Source
As a kid Dicky used to search free pip shows. At 18 he was trapped by Dee his teachers daughter.

Dick swing around try to get a lay everywhere
But very soon he became old and his blood pressure was too low to sustain his tail. Dee fed him with pills, herbs and finally she had invited an Indian snake charmer. But the Dicks glory days were over. Too much cupcakes, chocolates and coke makes them looking round and Dick needs a mirror to look after his willie.
But something happens on their second honeymoon at Bora Bora Maybe the flowers maybe the sun, so take my advice and order your exotic vacation.
FNFDDRO - Fuck No Fuck Dick Days aRe Over. So don't forget it.

from My god, what it is? on Vid4Fun