Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fifteen cents Jokes

   The Criminology school at UCPM (College Park) is one of the world's top ten. The Professor had conducted an oral exam. The students were asked to offer an approach "how to prevent teenagers using drugs"
   Marty the most brilliant student draw out two coins, a dime (10 cents) and a quarter (25 cents) and then showing on the quarter "that's your brain before using, and it will shrink to a dime size while using" all the students applauded, "brilliant, I like your approach" said the professor.
   Now Gordon from the NYPD who have ten years experience on the NYC streets said: "Okay, that's fine, but I would use those two coins in a better approach", the professor disliked Gordon because he was snoozing during his lectures, but let him continue. Gordon said "your ass hole is a dime size now, but after you get out of Jail, it will become like a quarter" Oh, The professor had to admit that Gordon's answer is better than Marty's. 
The Butyrka Band  (Butyrka is a famous Prison in Moscow)

    Dee went to the Minister and asked him she wanted a divorce.                                                    Minister: "Tell me please, what happened, you just married Don last year?"
Dee: "My ass hole was the size of a dime before marriage and now it has become a quarter"
Minister: "Dear Dee, what's the matter, you shouldn't divorce just because of 15 cents"