Friday, February 11, 2011

Dirty Riddles for beginners

Q. What animal holds its Dick (Schwanz=Tail) in the ground ?

A. An widow.

Q. What animal holds its Dick on her back?
A. A Police Horse.

Q. Which parameter has a greater importance, The size or the performance.
A. 90% of the Macho's will answer "size", so tell them "Here is another one not Knowing what to do"  and if you get the answer "performance" tell in a nonchalant tone "here is another guy with a mini Dick"

Q.Tom ordered a "penis enlargement kit" 7days later he received a package containing a  magnifying glass. Does he have any right to claim?

That question is better to ask women, but not your girlfriends
Q. How much should weight a man with a nine inch Dong?
A. Most of the women will leave you with no answer?..... so tell them 170lb!!!
Q. The women which will be trapped by your answer, and will ask you "how do you know?"
A. You reply "I weigh myself every morning".

Q. Flora and Donna were widows, one week they went to the tomb of their husbands. Flora always cried and Donna always peed on the grave of her husband, why?.
A. Donna replied: "each of us is crying from the place where it hurts her"