Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Margarine Engine

    My friend Gordon has succeeded to upgraded a Wankel Engine into a semi cycle Perpetuum Mobile Hydrogen Engine using margarine instead of fuel. That prototype Engine was a big saver, since its margarine consumption was about one pound per week. Gordon installed that terrific engine into his Ford Mustang model 1970 car, and was driving without paying attention to fuel raising prices.

    But one night as he was driving in Toronto for business, his engine shuts down. Gordon found out that he is out of margarine. He opened his trunk and the margarine refrigerator, was empty too, no margarine. Gordon looked around, it was late, about 22:00 p.m no open shops were in that neighborhood so he enter the first building trying to get some help. At floors one and two no one answered his knocking, at floor three a redneck almost punched him, so Gordon climbed  to the fourth floor, ringed the door bell, no one came over but he was hearing the TV on, broadcasting a popular program, Gordon ringed again the bell and this time he pushed the door which was unlocked!!
     Gordon entered the dining room and saw the whole family father, mother and two teenager daughters, sitting and gazing at him without saying a word. Gordon started "Good evening, can you help me, I need margarine" no one replied???, so he repeated "will you helping me with some margarine" again no one of the family replied?? Okay now you remember my friend Gordon? he became horny while looking on the house lady, he took and laid her on the sofa and made a quickie. Silence in the apartment, no one cried or said anything, and Gordon repeated another quickie with the one of the good looking girls, again silence no one even mumbled.
Now Gordon ask the other girl to allow him another quickie, after they were coming, Gordon repeated "now for God sake bring me some margarine".
    The father now stand up and said "Okay, I will take the puppy out for a walk" 

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