Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How Old Are You?

   Mark was a self made man. He established his business, ten years ago with his bare hands.  Three years ago, all at the sudden his business collapsed, the loan sharks pushed him to the corner and he lost his house, his wife Ann divorced and very soon he became a homeless.
   Mark became desperate, and after three months on the streets he decided to get suicide. At midnight he went to the bridge climbed up the rail, closed his eyes, raised his foot and prayed "God forgive me", he heard someone calling with a shrilled voice "Don't do this come to me". Mark opened his eyes and saw an old woman wearing rags and he got scarred. The old odd woman said to him "Come to me my son, please don't do it". So Mark asked her "who are you?". "I am the good Fairy, and I came to save your life, here is my bottle imp which will return your fortune back" replied the old woman. Mark went down and came closer to the woman. She was the ugliest creature he ever seen, she was stinking like rotten fishes, but her speech pleased him. The old Fairy continued "Just imagine all your money, factories, house and your wife and kids will return after you will open that bottle". The old Fairy proceeded "but in one condition, you must make love with me twice".
   Mark was so desperate and he agree to make love with the old witch. She grabbed him to her place, and after he finished screwing her the second time he asked her to give him the bottle  imp. He opened the cork and nothing happened. "Dear Fairy whats wrong here" Mark said "what happened to your power, and your promise?" the old woman starts laughing "how old are you man?" "I am 42 years old" Mark cried in frustration. "and my big boy, you still believe Fairy Tales?"