Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ball's Scrubbing

     When Johnny comes marching home from the first Gulf war, The Governor of Missouri fixed him a job at Boeing St Louis MO. The chief Manager of the personal department interviewed Johnny, and after looking into his files, he assigned him to the final assembly Department. at building 11, you shall start at 10 a.m. each day. So Johnny asked "why at 10 a.m.?,  when do all the staff starting?".
    The Manager replied "all the company starts at 8 a.m., but they all scrubbing their balls from 8 a.m till 10 a.m" Johnny looked embarrassed, but asked him "so why shall I start at 10 a.m.?"   
The Manager explained him "according to my files you lost your balls at the Gulf war, last year, so you have nothing to do till 10 a.m."
    Johnny worked for several years and after ten years Johnny was called to the personal Manager's office "Hey Johnny how do you do with us so far?" Johnny "no complains" "Okay, Johnny from tomorrow you will start each day at 8 a.m."
Why ? asked Johnny, from tomorrow you are assigned to scrub Tommy's Balls , cause Tommy lost his hands at Afghanistan, and will start working in your department."

Gabe scratching his balls

I found that poem at the WC, NYC

Some people sit and think!
Some people make shit and stink!
But I sit, and scrub my balls,
And read the Bullshits on the walls.