Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Nude Camp - Part Two

Now walking around Gordon reminds me an old joke we use to run on our ship. Mikey a six years old boy had been taken by his parents to a nudist camp. He asks his daddy about the different sizes of the men dicks. Father Bobby, was proud because of his dork, explained his son the facts "Our dick it called the "small head", the smarter you are the larger you get", the big ones being smart and the small ones being dumb. On the next morning after a long swimming at the sea, Bobby was looking for his wife Dee, and asked Mikey if he had seen his mother.
"I saw her about ten minutes ago, She was with a real dumb man, but he seemed to be getting smarter while talking to Mom."

look at Eva its her first time in the nude camp.

That dumb guy wants to join the party....

No one is watching you, keep pumping.
                                                I'm bored says Dee....lets add another smart guy...

Okay you are finished?, I'm still bored.

Whats up with you? can't you find your way?

To be continued
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