Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Nude Camp - Part Seven

   I tried to imagine, what will happened to Muslims which will experience a vacation in a nude camp. Do you know are they any nude camps out of Turkey in the Muslim countries like Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Malaysia etc.
   Turkey nude camps might now be dangerous for the Muslims. The ISIS regime might spread into Turkey and lit a revolution promising the people better life. They might adopt some communism ideas and connect them together . Now also some of the swingers clubs in the Middle East should beware. The men might get only a short warn, but the women will be executed.

  Bobby and Mikey his five year old son were walking around the nude camp. Suddenly  Mikey say Hello to a stranger. Bobby asked Mikey "Do you know that man?" "yes" replied Mikey "he is our Janitor". Bobby ask "what do you mean Janitor?" Mikey smiled "each time you are on a business trip, the janitor knocked our door, and asked Mom, is the territory clean"