Monday, September 22, 2014

Gamblers Advice

   My friend Gordon is spending each year a great vacation in one of Las Vegas Hotels. He works hard all year around, making many overtime hours and earns about ten grands which are dedicated for gambling. Last year he lost all his dough by hustlers including his credit cards and the last one hundred bucks note he kept for the transportation. 
   He went out to the front of the Hotel and asked a cab driver to help him. He told him shortly how a whore robbed all his money and promised him a double fee by the mail.
The cabbie said “get lost” Gordon have no choice rather to walk to the airport and finally arrived home.

   The next year Gordon returned to Vegas and this time he was very lucky. he makes about 25 grands and quit before changing his winning luck. When he checked out looking for a cab he noticed that about dozen cabs were waiting for passengers. 

(The photo for illustration only)


he recognized the rude driver from the precious year, waiting at the end. Gordon asked the first cab driver “How much for a ride to the airport fix price,” he asked?
“Twenty bucks,” came the reply.
“And I am always horny with cab drivers, how much for giving  me a blowjob?” Gordon smiled and winked.
“Faggot get lost!!”

Gordon tried this with all the cabbies and all were giving him hell. finally he entered the last cab and told the driver: "last year I was broke and you refused helping me, this year I was lucky so I''ll tipping you here are 30 bucks take me to my plane."
As they pass the cabs in the lane, all the cabbies  call "Jeff you are a faggot" and show the middle finger-up sign to him.


I traveled to London last month and I searched for a casino where I can spend a pleasant evening with my wife (she loves playing the roulette) -  Gordon sent me a great link. I checked this android app: CasinoTrip.
it is a cool app that helped me locate and find the nearest casino and how to get there - it even helped me navigate my way through the streets of London.
from their website  I can see they have information from all over the world. Neat site and a great app - I totally recommend it to anyone who travels and likes to visit a casino.