Thursday, September 26, 2013

Berlusconi's Jokes

Rome vs Ottoman 
My friend Gordon heard that episode three years ago at a very famous Turkish Hamam. The former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi and the Turkish PM Erdoğan 

were arguing some historical facts. Berlusconi mentions that the ancient Rome Empire conquered half of the ancient world including Constantinople (Istanbul today). PM
Erdoğan told him about the Ottoman Empire which was ruling huge lands in Southern and Central Europe and the Middle East, for almost 450 years. PM Erdoğan remind him also the the Turkish people are belonging to the Hittites which became an Empire almost 18 hundred years before the Rome Empire. Now PM Berlusconi challenged the game which of them owned a king size dick. The Turkish PM then refuse reveal his tail, so he snaps "we invented Sex" PM Berlusconi gave him his punchline "I agree that your people invented Sex, but we were the first to screw females"
p.s. Midnight Express - link

Pussy Whipped 
Why Berlusconi became a pussy's whipped? cause one day he returned home 
After playing on the playground at school, little Silvio came home with some new words in his vocabulary. Puzzled at what they meant, he went to his mother. "Mom, what's a pussy?" Not at all shocked by the question, she opened up an encyclopedia and showed him a picture of a cat. He then asked "What's a bitch?" Once again, not at all disturbed, she opened the encyclopedia and showed him a picture of a female dog.

Confused, little Silvio then went to his father. "Dad, what's a pussy?" Tony felt that it is time for his son to learn about life and opened up a porno and circled the area between a woman's legs. Little Silvio then proceeds, "Then what's a bitch?" His father replied, "Everything outside of the circle." Source