Sunday, June 5, 2011

Red Light District

   Fuck Them All
   The driver stop the bus and 36 young Persian teenagers went out off the bus, their guide shows them the Red Light District and told them to be back in the bus two hours later. The leader of the group had tailored a nice deal 1500 Euro for the all group. The boys entered one after the other, and after an hour the sucky fucky was over.
   The hooker ran quickly to deposit the money in the bank. The clerk checks the bills and notice that all the notes are fake money. She turns to the hooker and says "I assume they screwed you."
The hooker replied "Really Is that how I look?"

The Red Light District tour

How Much?
   A team of Polish contractors arrived once to Amsterdam, for a professional  meeting. Two of the team walked around searching the streets, finally they entered the Red Light District when suddenly Vladek, notices all the nice windows with the working girls petting their cats. He stops by one closed window, evaluate it then he knocked it twice, when the hooker opened it Vladek asked her "what does this cost ??!!".And the hooker replies,"50 Euro for one 80 Euro for two!!" Than Vladek told Lech ,"Hmm, you see I told you the prices here for double glaze insulated windows are cheaper than in Warsaw".

The Kid in the Glazier Scene