Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Old Whorehouse at St Denis

    Bobby is a 35 years old guy, and he is still a virgin. Finally on his 36 birthday he decided to get rid of his fears and shame. So he headed to Paris to buy a good lay at Rue Saint-Denis. Rue Saint-Denis is well known all over the world as a place with the best whores of Europe. one more important detail about Bobby, he is a miser, and rarely spend a penny on clothes, beers, entertainment etc.
    The concierge at his two star Hotel gave him an address and now he was walking the streets to get to the whorehouse. Bobby went into the lobby and didn't sip the beverages served by the waiters and found himself looking the signs on the walls. leading him to two huge doors. On the first door he saw a sign "Big Cocks" and the other sign "Small Willies". Bobby muttered to himself "I know mine is a small size" so he head the left corridor, after walking about 100 steps, he came to a junction left and right the signs here shows <500 Euro right>and < 200 Euro left>. Okay guess which was Bobby's choice? so again he walked a long corridor watching the signs on the doors. 200 Euro, 180 Euro and to the end of the corridor he stopped and hesitated for a minute in front of a door with a tag of 130 Euro. Then he saw two more signs at the junction. The signs here shows cheaper rates <100 Euro right> and <50 Euro left>. Bobby took the left corridor walking along 50 Euro doors, 25 Euro doors and than finally he found himself in the street. As the heavy gate closed behind, he saw a sign "If you have nor MONEY neither DICK - GO FUCK YOURSELF"